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New thicker formulation and even more concentrated.

A concentrated, low viscosity, neutral shampoo for use in brushwash systems. Brushwash combines maximum cleaning power with a streak-free finish. The special formulation, with anti-corrosion properties, provides machine protection, reduces hard water scale and keeps brushes lubricated to extend their effective life.

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Brushwash System: Pre-dilute or adjust machine to give desired level of cleaning. In water reclamation systems ensure that the balance is achieved to keep the return tank foam to a minimum. Manual Use: Add approximately 100ml. to 10Ltr. (A dilution of 100-1 or 1/2 Cup in a 2 gallon bucket) of clean warm water. Apply to vehicle with a sponge or soft brush, starting at the top and working down. Rinse with clean water and leather off for best results.

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