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The CLEAN UP Biohazard Kit is a quick, simple and effective way to clean up and dispose of the debris resulting from people and pet accidents! Contains all the items required to safely remove vomit, urine and other soilings. Includes: Apron, Mask, Gloves, Superabsorbent Granules, Cardboard Scoop, Moist Wipe and Biohazard Waste Bag. Absorbent powder covers spills making them visually less offensive before safely converting fluid into a gel. Use the scoop and scraper provided to easily remove debris and cleanly dispose of. Ideal for use in Nursing Homes, Public Houses, Clubs, vehicles or anywhere where minor spillages are likely to occur.






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1. Remove from package and put on gloves, mask and apron. 2. Sprinkle the contents of Superabsorbent Granule Sachet liberally over the spillage, ensuring absolute coverage. 3. Leave for two minutes while the granules convert the spillage into a removable gel. 4. Assemble the cardboard scoop provided by folding along the scored lines. 5. Using the scoop, remove the debris into the disposable bag provided. 6. Place the scoop, apron, sachet, mask and finally the gloves into the Biohazard plastic bag. 7. Seal the bag and dispose of as per Health & Safety guide lines. 8. Wash hands thoroughly then wipe with medicated wipe.

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