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Buying a car, boat or caravan is a major purchase and obviously one you will want to stay looking good for as long as possible. The chemical composition of Astral Glaze is designed to give protection for up to and beyond 3 years from environmental pollutants, bird acid, oils, tar and prevent degradation from the suns damaging UV rays while retaining the high quality finish achieved by todays paint technology. Astral Glaze is a flouro-polymer based, advanced paint protection system that actually bonds itself to Clear and Gel Coat, Conventional and Water-Based Finishes reducing both oxidation and colour fading. Astral Glaze also prevents the build up of surface pollution making subsequent washing of painted surfaces quicker and more effective. Astral Glaze provides a finish so brilliant you can see and feel the difference. FOR ORDERS VIA THE WEBSITE WE ARE OFFERING THE ASTRAL GLAZE KIT AT THE SPECIAL ON-LINE PRICE OF:

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Meticulous preparation of the surface is important to obtain the best results from the Astral Glaze paint protection system. The glaze will actually seal in any dirt or scratches left on the surface and therefore care is required to prepare the paint properly prior to application. Full instructions are included with the kit along with simple aftercare steps that will ensure you get up to and beyond 3 years protection from the Astral Glaze paint protection system.

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