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Heavy Duty Adhesive is a repair adhesive with an adjustable nozzle allowing 3 rates of adhesive loading. Designed for attaching carpet and vehicle trim, Heavy Duty Adhesive will also attach rubber, felt, insulation and upholstery (not for use on PVC or plastic). Heavy Duty Adhesive works on contact eliminating lengthy drying times.

Warranty Information

Shake can well before use. All surfaces must be clean and dry. For a strong bond, spray both surfaces and allow 1 to 2 minutes to dry before pressing firmly together. If positioning is required, place surfaces together while the adhesive is still wet and make adjustments before holding together to effect a bond. After use it is important to invert the can and spray short bursts until adhesive is clear of actuator. It is also recommended that the nozzle is wiped after use to prevent adhesive drying and restricting the future efficiency of the actuator.

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