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Product Description

  • Designed for R.V. and light trucks
  • 10 inch head
  • Extends to 65 inches
  • Super soft bristles
  • Aluminium flow through handle
  • Reinforced neck

Warranty Information

Before you begin washing your vehicle remove anything that may scratch the vehicle such as a belt or jewelry. If possible work in a shaded area and when the vehicle is cool.

Prewash: Rinse vehicle down thoroughly. Make sure all lose dirt and debris have been removed prior to washing.

Wash: Begin washing the vehicle with car wash soap not a household detergent. Follow the instructions that came with the soap for mixing. Attach the hose to the water control valve at the end of the pole. Be sure the control is off and apply soap to the brush head. Start at the top of the vehicle and work down. Apply water with the water control valve as needed. Dip brush into soap bucket to rinse away any trapped dirt and to apply more soap. For difficult stains, try applying a concentrated soap solution.

Rinsing: Turn the water control to high. Using the water spray from the brush head, rinse the vehicle from the top down. After the first rinsing go back and make sure all soap residue has been rinsed away.

Brush Cleaning: Rinse brush thoroughly after each use. Allow the brush to dry. Store with the bristles in upright position.

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