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Industrial Heavy Duty Abrasive Wipers are a pre-impregnated, textured scrub wiper, designed to be used in demanding applications where rinsing facilities are not available. Industrail Heavy Duty Abrasive Wipers contain a water based, industrial formulation that is both alcohol-free and lanolin-free yet is easily able to remove grease, oil and heavy soilings from hands. The combination of textured fabric, special formulation cleaning agent, citrus extract (d-limonene), plus a bacteriacide and fungicide, ensure Industrail Heavy Duty Abrasive Wipers are ideal for carrying with breakdown vehicles, mobile fitters, refuse collection trucks and any commercial vehicle or car boot. Each bucket contains 100 textured fabric wipes measuring approx. 28cm x 28cm.

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Press the top of the bucket to open and remove one wipe, push closure to seal top preventing remaining wipes from drying out. Wipe soiled area thoroughly until clean and dispose of used wiper into waste receptacle. Hands will dry quickly when rubbed together but a dry towel or wiper may be used to speed the process.

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