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Product Description

PTFE Film is designed for "one shot" application in the plastic moulding industry and many applications where the use of a traditional oil or grease based lubricant is deemed undesirable. It has an almost unlimited number of uses on metal and is ideal for the wood working and furnishing industries. 


Warranty Information

Shake can thoroughly before use.

Hold upright and spray a thin film evenly from 10 to 20cm onto a clean, dry surface. The film will dry within a few seconds and be ready for use.

NOTE: the content of this aerosol is safe provided the following instructions are adhered:

Use adequate ventilation and do not inhale the spray mist especially if sprayed onto hot surfaces or if coating is heated over 325 Degrees Celsius. Smoking materials should not be taken into the work area nor be handled until after the operators have washed their hands.

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