Safety Data
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Safety Data

Please click see links to all of our Safety Data Sheets below:

3% Bleach

Absorbent Liner

Aluminium High Temp Lubricant 400ml 

Antichip Black

Aroma Burst - Cranberry/Orange/Jasmine 500ml

Aroma Burst - Cranberry 750 ml

Aroma Burst - Woodland 750 ml

Astral AC3 Paint Renovator

Astral Bearing Fit Retainer 50ml

Astral Biomist Car Interior & Air Con System Cleaner 100 ml

Astral Biomist Her 100 ml

Astral Biomist Him 100 ml

Astral Biomist Uni 100 ml

Astral Black 400ml

Astral Black Carpet Dye

Astral Brake and Airline Sealant 50ml

Astral Cherry Refresh

Astral Fast Drying Solvent Cleaner

Astral Glass Cleaner 750 ml

Astral Glaze

Astral Grey 400ml

Astral Hardwax 150ml

Astral High Cut Polish

Astral Kitchen Santiser 750 ml

Astral Micro Bead Orange Hand Cleaner

Astral Micro Bead Red Hand Cleaner

Astral Multi Gasket 50ml

Astral Multi Purpose Cleaner 750 ml

Astral Multi Surface Polish 750 ml

Astral New Foam +

Astral Non Solv Gold

Astral Nutlock 50ml

Astral Pink

Astral Radiator Stop Leak

Astral Sheen

Astral Skin Cleansing Paint & Sealant Remover 

Astral Spray Clean N Shine

Astral Studlock 50ml

Astral Toilet Cleaner 1 Litre

Astral Toilet Descaler 1 Litre

Astral Topwax

Astral Used Car High Performance Polymer Polish

Astral Wash

Astral Washroom Sanitiser 750ml

Auto Shampoo

Bactericidal Washing Up Liquid

Battery Terminal Protector 400ml

Brake & Clutch Kleen - Aerosol

Brake & Clutch Kleen - Liquid

Broad Spectrum Odour Neutraliser

Bright Silver Paint 400ml

Bright Zinc Galv 400ml

Brushwash Shampoo

Bubblegum Silicone 400ml

Carb Kleen

Carnauba Wash & Wax

Cellulose Thinners

Citrus floor Gel

Clean Up Kit - 1

Clean Up Kit - 2

Clear Acrylic Lacquer 400ml

Clear Chain & Bearing Lubricant 400ml

Clear Penetrating Oil 400ml

Clear Screen

Copper Anti-Seize Grease

Copper High-Temp Lube Liquid 400ml

Cranberry Dressing 400ml

Cutting, Tapping and Drlling Fluid 400ml


D-Con (Acid)


Dry Foam

Electrical Degreaser 400ml

Engine Shine

Enviro V-Kleen

Floor Kleen

Foaming Tyre Dressing 400ml

Glass Cleaner with Vinegar

Glass Polish

Gloss Black 400ml

Gloves in a Bottle

Graffiti Gel Remover 400ml

Grey Primer 400ml

Gum Solv 400ml

Hand and Surface Cleaning Wipes

Heavy Duty Adhesive 400ml

High Wax Polish 400ml

Industrial Heavy Duty Abrasive Wipes

Interior Kleen

IPA De-icer

IPA Pre Wrap Wash

Maintenance Spray 400ml

Maintenance Spray - Liquid

Matt Black 400ml

Mid Silver 400ml


Multi-Kleen Gold


Multi Purpose Clear Fine Oil 400ml

New Leather Cleaner

Non Silicone Release Agent 400ml

Non Silicone Starshine 400ml

Orange Silicone Spray 400ml

Panel Wipe

Pine Disinfectant

Pre-Foam Wash

PTFE Dry Film Lubricant 400ml

PTFE Film 400ml


Rinse Aid Wax

Rubber Dressing

Satin Black 400ml

See Thru 400ml

See Thru - Liquid

See Thru Gold

Showroom Shine

Silicone Spray 400ml

Soft Sheen

Solvent Degreaser 400ml

Solvent Degreaser - Liquid

Spray Kleen

Stainless Steel Cleaner 400ml

Starlight 400ml

Starshine 400ml

Sticky Label Remover 400ml

Synlube High Performance Chain Lube 400ml

Tar Kleen

Tech Kleen

Thick Bleach

Toilet D-Scale

Universal Vinyl & Rubber Dressing

V Kleen 7

V Kleen 8

V Kleen 9

V Kleen 10 + Shine

Vinyl Dressing

Washing Up Liquid

Wheel Kleen

Wheel Silver 400ml

White Grease 400ml

Zinc Galvanising Spray 400ml