Astral CSL Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Astral CSL we get asked a variety of technical questions regarding our professional cleaning solutions. To help with the most common questions asked, please see below, or drop us a message here 

1) How does Astral CSL work?

Simply order our products over the phone, online or even request a login for our App. We can deliver our exceptional quality cleaning products direct to your door. And if you are within the catchment area of our mobile sales vans, one of the team can deliver your goods more regularly and assist with any technical questions you might have.

2) Do you sell to businesses only?

Although we primarily sell direct to professionals and businesses, if you are looking for Astral products for personal use visit our shop or call 01352 714 361.

3) What are Safety data sheets, and where can I get this information?

Safety data sheets provide important information about what's inside Astrals products. Providing this information ensures all safety standards are met. You can download our safety data for all of our professional product portfolio here. 

4) Are Astral CSL products environmentally friendly?

Our chemist are always ahead of trying to keep our products as environmentally friendly as possible.

5) How can I get technical support for Astral CSL products?

We have a wonderful team on hand to provide technical support in a way that suits you (call, email, arrange a visit). 

6) Does Astral CSL offer demo's?

In short yes. We can happily arrange product demonstrations at a time and location that suits you.  

7) What's Astral CSL's opening hours?

 Our warehouse team can be onsite fulfilling orders all day and night! But for phone enquiries or visitors we are available 9-5pm every weekday. 

8)How can I contact Astral?

 Online, by phone or in person - you choose!