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Now even more concentrated!

Astral Wash is our universal cleaner concentrate for Transport & Industry. With its blend of surfactants, emulsifiers, traffic film removers and degreasants, Astral Wash is ideal for heavy duty cleaning and degreasing of areas such as vehicle chassis, engines, curtain sided vehicles, heavy plant and agricultural machinery. Particularly effective as a traffic film remover in cold water pressure washers, Astral Wash is also very good when used in hot water machines where the surface being cleaned is unlikely to be damaged by strong detergents. Astral Wash is silicate-free making it safe on glass and is highly dilutable for economy and performance.

Warranty Information

Designed for use through a high pressure washer, Astral Wash should be pre-diluted before use and adjusted for strength with the machines controls. Dilutions will vary depending on the type of machine, water hardness and degree of soiling but a pre-mix of 1:10 with water should give an effective start mix. Astral Wash may also be used manually with a brush, mop or pre-spray and rinsed away with water. Due to the strength of Astral Wash, it is not recommended for use on delicate paintwork or highly polished surfaces and the user needs to ensure the surface being cleaned will be unaffected by the use of this heavy duty commercial cleaner.

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