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Product Description

download-pdf.pngClear Chain & Bearing Lubricant is designed to lubricate open chains and bearings found on all types of lift trucks, machinery, motor cycles and cycles. Special tacky additives are used to give excellent anti-fling properties and combined with a blend of extreme pressure and wear resistant additives will extend chain & bearing life. Clear Chain & Bearing Lubricant repels water, protects metal from atmospheric pollutants and prevents corrosion.

For areas of very high (110°C) or very low (-30°c) temperatures, we recommend the use of Astral High Performance Chain Lube.

Warranty Information

Shake can thoroughly before use. Heavy grease and dirt contamination should be removed before application. Hold can upright and spray from a distance of 4'' to 6'' ensuring good foam coverage. Allow a short time for the aerosol propellant to evaporate and for the foam to collapse into the chain or bearing, ensuring maximum penetration before operating the equipment.