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Product Description


An aggressive cleaner comprising a blend of acid, corrosion inhibitors and powerful surfactants. Removes concrete deposits from plant and equipment as well as brake dust residues on wheels. In hard water areas, D-con(Acid) can be used to remove limescale from pressure washers improving the machines efficiency. Good for cleaning brickwork, paving slabs and the removal of industrial fallout.

Warranty Information

To remove concrete and cement deposits: Use D-Con(Acid) neat or dilute up to 1:10 with clean water and mop or brush onto surface. Allow time for the deposits to be dissolved. Rinse off with clean water. To clean brickwork: Brush onto surface, agitate, then hose off with clean water. De-scaling Pressure Washers: Dilute with up to 10 parts of clean water in the machine header tank. Circulate the solution by placing the lance in the header tank. Continue this process for 10 minutes, then flush with clean water. Wheel cleaning: Dilute as appropriate, brush on, agitate and rinse with water. Industrial Fallout: Sponge on diluted product and rinse off immediately. Caution: When cleaning wheels and removing industrial fallout, extreme care must be taken to ensure the product is diluted sufficiently to prevent any damage to surface.