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An exceptionally easy to use rubber cleaner and restorer. No fiddly application needed, just spray, wipe and go. Leaves a natural finish on all rubber surfaces including tyres and mats. As Rubber Dressing can easily and quickly be applied to both wet and dry tyres, Rubber Dressing has become the first choice for Car Washes, Valeters, Vehicle Hire Companies, Funeral Directors and Taxi Firms.

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Shake container well. DO NOT DILUTE. Apply liberally using a Mini Jet Sprayer and brush or sponge to spread the product. For best results, apply a second fine spray after wiping with brush or sponge and then leave to dry. Any excess can be easily wiped away from wheels or bodywork if necessary. NB Caution must be exercised when used on rubber mats as the constituents within Rubber Dressing are likely to leave the surface slippery. Caution should also be exercised when used on any walkway, particularly if the surface is likely to become wet.

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