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A quality Silicone Rich dressing. Excellent finish achieved on all colours of vinyl, plastic and rubber. Highly economical and easy to use, Universal Vinyl and Rubber Dressing will remove light soiling leaving a deep glossy sheen. The waterproof finish is non sticky, long lasting and particularly good when used on resale vehicles displayed outdoors.

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Clean surface to be treated prior to application. When surface has fully dried, apply with a soft lint free cloth, spreading evenly and work well into any texture. When applying to tyres use the Astral Mini Jet Sprayer or Astral Polish Applicator, spreading over the surface with lint free cloth, sponge or large paintbrush. On old and porous surfaces a second application may be required. Allow to dry, no further buffing required. Due to the lubricating properties of Silicone, care should be taken to ensure no product finds its way onto the steering wheel, gear shift, handbrake, vehicle pedals and any area where a slippery surface may be Hazardous.

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