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Product Description

A non-chlorinated, solvent-based liquid designed for the efficient cleaning of brake and clutch components. Brake & Clutch Kleen is a highly effective de-greaser and cleaner that will suspend hazardous asbestos dust in a controlled evaporation allowing it to be safely wiped away. Brake & Clutch Kleen emits a subtle, pleasant fragrance during use. 












Warranty Information

Use undiluted through a hand sprayer. Spray liberally onto the area to be cleaned before wiping off with absorbent wiper or cloth. Wiper should be disposed of quickly whilst still damp to ensure any hazardous dust is still trapped within it. All product that may have dripped should be wiped away immediately as this may also contain residual dust. Note: Braking systems should be tested after use. Goggles, gloves and barrier creams are recommended for use with this product.

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