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Now even more concentrated!

V Kleen 7 is a heavy duty pressure wash additive, particularly effective in hard water areas. Recommended for use through Cold Water Pressure Washers, V Kleen 7 is a silicate-free blend of alkalis, water softeners, emulsifiers, traffic film removers and corrosion inhibitors. May be used for traffic film removal from vehicle bodies as well as general degreasing and cleaning. V Kleen 7 becomes extremely effective in the removal of heavy grease and dirt from engines and chassis when used through a hot water machine.

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Recommended for use through pressure washing equipment, by hand, or pre-spray. For machine use, introduce directly into the detergent tank, either neat or prediluted, and adjust machine controls to give concentration at the nozzle of 30 to 130:1 depending on level of water hardness and soiling. When using a pressure washer, the detergent should always be applied from the ground upwards and rinsed off from the roof downwards. When used manually, V-Kleen 7 should be diluted with water up to 100-1 depending on degree of soiling and agitated with brush before rinsing with clean water. When pre-spraying, dilute a minimum of 1:5 and apply with Astral Mini Jet or Pressure Sprayer.

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