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Now even more concentrated!

Astral V Kleen 10 + Shine is a top quality Traffic film Remover containing a Wax Coating. V Kleen 10 + Shine is recommended where cleaning performance, economy and the very best finish to vehicle paintwork is demanded. Recommended for use through Hot Water Pressure Washers, V Kleen 10 + Shine is a silicate-free blend of alkalis, water softeners, emulsifiers, waxes, traffic film removers and corrosion inhibitors that will enhance the appearance of good quality paintwork.

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Recommended for use through a hot pressure washer, at a maximum temperature of 70ºC. Introduce directly into the detergent tank, either neat or prediluted, and adjust machine controls to give concentration at the nozzle of 80 to 200:1 depending on level of water hardness. When using a pressure washer, the detergent should always be applied from the ground upwards and rinsed off from the roof downwards. When used manually, V-Kleen + Shine should be diluted with water up to 150-1 depending on degree of soiling and agitated with brush or sponge before rinsing with clean water.

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