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Product Description

Now even more concentrated!

Tech Kleen is our most concentrated, Heavy Duty Cleaner and Biocidal Sanitiser. Designed for use on the most stubborn dirt, Tech Kleen will kill Bacteria and remove Oil, Grease, Traffic Film, Blood, Fat and Protein as well as cleaning Aluminium and Vehicle Curtains. The Silicate-Free, Biocidal formula makes Tech Kleen the ideal choice where cleaning and sanitising are required such as the food processing and transportation industries. Designed to be diluted with water in all cases, Tech Kleen is extremely economical to use and is particularly effective when used in Cold Water Pressure Washers for Heavy Duty Traffic Film removal.


Warranty Information

Due to its strength and versatility, it is recommended that Tech Kleen is diluted with water before use in all cases. For pre-spraying onto wheels and aluminium, Tech Kleen should be diluted at 15:1, agitated with brush and rinsed. When used for floor cleaning, Tech Kleen should be brushed or sprayed at a dilution of between 15:1 and 100:1 depending on degree of soiling and agitated before removal. For the removal of Traffic Film, Tech Kleen can be diluted up to 200:1 but it is not recommended for use on vehicle paintwork except at the highest of dilutions. For Sanitising, Tech Kleen when diluted at 50:1 with water will kill most known bacteria commonly found in the food industry but adequate checks should be undertaken to ensure the required level of sanitation is achieved with the cleaning methods used (a chart showing the various organisms killed by Tech Kleen is available on request). NB With all cleaning undertaken with Tech Kleen, it is important that the operator ensures the surface being cleaned will be unaffected by the heavy duty cleaning properties of this product. Tech Kleen is safe and effective if diluted correctly but the product does contain Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda) and therefore adequate personal protection should be used and care undertaken during use.