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Introducing our Powerful All-Surface Cleaner: The Ultimate Solution for Oil, Grease, and Dirt Removal!


Experience the unrivalled cleaning power of our premium all-surface cleaner, designed to effortlessly remove oil, grease, and dirt from various hard surfaces. This versatile product offers exceptional cleaning results for floors, walls, worktops, vehicle interiors, door shuts, wheels, engine compartments, and more.


Our all-surface cleaner provides an economical solution, allowing you to efficiently clean a wide range of surfaces without compromising on effectiveness. Save time and effort as you witness the transformative power of our cleaning product.


Say goodbye to stubborn oil, grease, and dirt, and embrace spotless and gleaming surfaces. Our powerful formulation is tailored to deliver optimal cleaning performance, ensuring your hard surfaces look pristine and refreshed.


Discover the difference with our powerful all-surface cleaner today and unlock the full potential of your cleaning routine. Trust in our product to achieve remarkable results on every hard surface cleaning task.


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Apply by spray, sponge, mop or cloth. Agitate if necessary, leave to work for a short time and rinse off with clean water. Small areas can be simply treated with a wipe on, wipe off method using a clean cloth.